The Team here at Corvus Cycles has carefully thought out material selection to enhance your ride experience. We have over 15 years of experience in manufacturing parts for Fat Bikes into making our Products, and we stand by our work. If you are the original owner, Corvus Cycles offers a 3 year Warranty on all Corvus or NOS Fatback-made products that fail due to a manufacturing defect.

If you crash, abuse, modify, or damage your Corvus Cycles product, or if you install parts incorrectly, use incompatible parts, or fail to do proper maintenance on your bike, then it will no longer be covered by the warranty. In the case of accidental damage or crashes where your Products are no longer safe to continue to ride, we do have a Crash Replacement program that will allow you to replace your damaged products at 50% off MSRP

We try to manufacture as many of our original parts for our bikes as possible, but we also work with vendors on drivetrain, tires and a select few other parts from reputable bike industry partners. If you have a problem with a component not made by Corvus Cycles, it’s best to contact the component manufacturer for support. However, if you’re having trouble getting traction, let us know and our team here try to help out

If you have any questions or concerns or think you may be eligible for a warranty or crash replacement please contact the dealer you purchased your Corvus Cycles products from or contact us here directly at Please include photos of the damage, the serial number or lot number of your product and your proof of purchase